in this earth.
in this soil.
in this pure field.
let's not plant any seed
other than seeds of
love and
                  - rumi

yoga & retreats


Level 1 -2 Vinyasa Flow
In Vinyasa Flow Yoga we move fluidly from pose to pose in rhythm with the breath. On a solely physical level the body experiences an athletic cardio workout. But from the beginning flow yoga classes to the most challenging the practice is "finding your very own playing field."

We explore the exchange of giving and receiving, effort and ease, strength and calm, control and surrender, movement and stillness. Each moment within and between the poses, becomes a window into you, into your sense of well being.

The class includes instruction on all the basics of hatha yoga postures, sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, hip openers, backbends, forward bends & twists. In addition the class will include inspiration, meditation and breath work. My theme for the class changes week by week, adding strong shoulder & hip openers, abdominal work, & balancing poses….As we progress week to week we hone awareness to move energy throughout the entire body, stimulating the nervous system, purifying the organs, strengthens the heart and lungs, calming the mind and steadying the emotions. Modifications and variations are offered throughout to accommodate students of all levels.

Level 2-3 Vinyasa Flow
This is a strong class that moves at a steady pace to generate intense, self-purifying internal energy (tapas), to aid the physical body in releasing tightness and tension. With a faster pace, a practitioner should know the basics of hatha yoga postures and use any modifications necessary for your body. The class explores variations and new additions to the sun salutations. Creative standing and balancing sequences, warrior variations, juicy backbends and equally deep releases and restorative postures along with full, deep breathing.

Students are encouraged to explore their practice as a heart-centered moving meditation in which the breath and body provide a mantra for clearing and steadying the mind while opening the spirit to its fullest and freest awareness of happiness.

All Levels Yoga
At my home studio, I offer all levels of classes, private, semi private, small group classes and one-on-one yoga therapy classes. The class is designed around the needs of the individuals and includes an hour and fifteen minutes of focused stretching and movement. For example one class might be targeting just hips through hip-openers and twists. Another class might be sun salutations and variations. It depends on the unique needs of each student/client, it's a collaboration between teacher and student to evolve and explore the practice of yoga. Please contact me for more information.


I have been teaching private, semi-private, and group classes. To find out if I'm teaching online or otherwise for these locations, click on each respective web site.

DownDogYoga Studio MON – SAT By Appointment Please
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Redondo Beach Spectrum Club
819 N. Harbor Drive.
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Yogaworks South Bay
740 Allied Way
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HIP Studio
1200 Pacific Coast Hwy #105
Hermosa beach, CA 90254

downdogyoga studio
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Open Class Times – By Appointment

My home space downdogyoga studio is open daily, Monday through Saturday for all levels of practice, and specifically for one-on-one yoga as therapy sessions. View my yoga therapy page for more information.

My availability changes weekly. Please contact me for additional information on private, semi-private, and small group classes. Classes for kids and teens, stiff people and flexible folks, young and old, yoga is for everyone!