in this earth.
in this soil.
in this pure field.
let's not plant any seed
other than seeds of
love and
                  - rumi


Yoga As Therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic healing art. It invites presence and awareness. It is an effort to bring together the tradition of yoga and our western medical modalities.

This is what I've learned from Yoga Therapy and years of Yoga practice: As we move through life our bodies absorb our life experiences. We are often not aware that our thoughts and feelings remain stored within us and can be the underlying cause of stress, emotional discomfort, and physical pain.

When you do yoga, the deep breathing, the stretching, the movements that release muscle tension and the relaxed focus on being present in your body initiate a process that turns the fight or flight system off and the relaxation response on. The heartbeat slows, respiration decreases, and blood pressure decreases. The science of yoga is about balancing the systems of the body. Everyone has the ability to heal and know that you are your own best healer. As you practice you can teach yourself to find wellness.

Mindset - If negative thoughts can make you sick, positive thoughts can help to make you well. Yoga is a mind-body science and includes powerful tools to support a positive attitude and a healing environment. Learning the signals of the mind within the practice of yoga helps attune the practitioner to the finest degree of attention and focus.

Faith and Prayer - Time and again people with strong faith have pulled themselves through difficult times and or serious illnesses. Yoga teaches us to renew our faith in whatever gives us sustenance including meditation and mantra. Through these compassionate practices that are self-nurturing there is the sweetest doorway for expanding the capacity to have faith in oneself and the selfless self, the divine aspect intertwining in every spiritual path.

Humor and Laughter - It's well known that the late Norman Cousins helped cure himself from chronic illness by the use of positive thoughts and humor. The anecdote goes: he rented his favorite Marx Brothers movies and laughed out loud watching them! Laughter has long been considered good medicine. Laughter opens the heart and heals effortlessly.

Take Time To Do What You Enjoy! - Make time for activities that make you happy, bring you joy and give you a feeling of timelessness. Yoga is fantastic, but there's so much else to bring the body to a place of joy and wonder - Go for a walk, listen to music, spend time on a hobby or visit with uplifting friends or relatives.

Be in Nature - Many of the great Yoga masters recommend spending some quiet time in nature. Mountains, oceans, deserts, streams, lakes, all provide the proper setting. Being in nature is a vital part of many religious and spiritual traditions.

Bio-Mechanical Re-Education - Bio mechanics is the study of human movement and it encompasses every aspect of our lives, how we stand, walk, run, sit, work, sleep, lift, get out of bed. As a yoga therapist, my goal is to help people help themselves. It is a long road. It takes motivated practitioners, and I help keep the motivation alive. I create a safe, do-able and effective program to fit your needs. The basics of a good yoga therapy program are breath work, total concentration or "mindfulness" on healing, and a sequence of effective postures.

If you experience any of the following problems/ailments, and have had little or no success with your current wellness program, contact me for further information about yoga therapy sessions.